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AbroadProfe.Code Boot Camp

10% Theory and 90% Practice

Leading IT companies are reluctant to recruit novice programmers because they have no experience. Novice programmers struggle to get professional experience in leading IT companies.
How to get out of the vicious circle and successfully start your career, if you are an IT beginner?
Take a training course at AbroadProfe.Code Boot Camp on an intensive training program for Fullstack developers.
The competitive advantage of business rests on the ability of specialists to meet the actual requirements of the market and to be one step ahead of others. Take the first step to become a valuable pro.

At the end of the intensification in two months get your first contracts from foreign employers.
Boot Camp is a model of professional immersion training. This is a modern method of intensive learning that is actively used by advanced corporations and universities around the world, such as IBM and Harvard.

Immersion technology takes cognitive and psychological features of human perception of the flow of information into account. The method involves participants in the process of actively solving specific professional problems. Everyone has the opportunity to show their competence and ability to cooperate in the team.

As is often the case, Boot Camp was originally used for intensive training of military and sportsmen. Later it was used in other areas.
The first IT Boot Camp appeared in the United States in 2015 and has since spread worldwide.
What is Code Boot Camp?
Niklaus Wirth
"Programming is usually taught by example."
5 000
specialists in the company’s database
12 companies monthly
Foreign Partner Employers Who Need Developers
participants in our programs are employed a month after completing the course
$2 600
average monthly salary of Fullstack Developer in Europe
AbroadProfe.Code Boot Camp is a project of an international outsourcing company. We provide outsourcing and outsourcing services to leading foreign companies in Europe and Israel.

After completing the Fullstack development course, you get real cases in your portfolio, recommendations for writing a competent CV, and pumped hard / soft skills. The result - you become visible to foreign employers.
About us
“Work must be a test. And the test must be a pleasure”.

Larry Page
Why is it useful for a beginner to start with AbroadProfe.Code Boot Camp?
Rapid development of developer skills due to the fact that the lion’s share of the course is devoted to practical tasks.
Immersion in the working environment of IT companies with real projects of foreign customers.
A high chance to add your CV to the database of an outstaffing agency and get the opportunity to cooperate with foreign employers.
Flexible approach in choosing the period of study. Start the course at your convenience.
Motivation is maintained throughout the training period.
Technical English classes will help to pass an interview in a foreign company, a useful bonus course.
Ability to identify and boost your hard / soft skills.
The practice is equivalent to a two-month internship at an IT company. The program contains only relevant, practically applicable knowledge. The theory is studied in the course of solving practical problems. The skills required by the developer in professional activity are practiced.

In addition to practical exercises, you participate in master classes and brainstorming, learn technical English, work out team skills, meet experts, and develop projects that will be the beginning of your portfolio.
Practice Program
Are you aiming to reach the level of Fullstack Developer? 
Code Boot Camp will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the turbo mode and save several years of career.
Invest in yourself
All about the profession, technology, the conditions of successful training in Boot Camp, the set of skills required by a beginner developer.
Technologies: Algorithms, IDE, Code, Aesthetics, Git
Basic settings
Functional solutions, application tasks
Technology: PHP, Laravel
Backend Developer
Features of Frontend development and fusion with Backend skills.
Technologies: HTML, CSS, (+Sass), JavaScript, Vue.js, jQuery, React.js
Frontend developer
Preparation for an interview for employment in an IT company.
Additional information about the specifics of the profession, online and real meetings with experts in IT and related fields: HR, marketing, sociology, etc.
Expert seminars
Presentation of the implemented project with consideration of mastering of all stages of training.
Trial interview as when applying to work for a foreign company in English.
Graduation defense
According to Richard Feynman, a reformer of teaching methods, competence is knowledge of the limits of one’s abilities. Learning begins after you have discovered these limits.
With Code Boot Camp you will make this discovery very quickly, identify your strengths and get recommendations on what hard and soft skills you need to develop to reach the level of Fullstack Developer.
"Everyone in this country needs to learn to program on a computer because it teaches you to think".

Steve Jobs
How is the training organized?
Pass the test first
To participate in the Code Boot Camp, solve the test tasks and pass the interview.
Imagine it as a job
You are busy full-time. The pace and saturation of training is quite intense. So get ready to be fully immersed in the development process for two months in the daytime.
Real projects from AbroadProfe customers
Possibility to practice with web development code for foreign companies. Various topics and varieties of sites and applications.
Hard and Soft skills
You will learn what professional and communicative skills are critical to a developer’s career and how to boost them.
Individual mentoring
The most valuable part of the training is getting feedback, comments from the specialist and colleagues, analysis of completed projects and work on errors.
"I think the art of programming is a little more complicated than other human skills. Programming makes you better just as you are helped to develop learning a foreign language, mathematics or reading books".

Jack Dorsey
Who is it good for?
Course for students and graduates of IT faculties with basic knowledge in such specialties as programmer, tester, software engineer, specialist in information security and other fields in the IT field.

If you want to change profession and learn programming languages yourself or online courses, you can also apply. The decision on the possibility of training will be determined by the results of the selection test.
Cost, terms and conditions
You can apply at any time. As soon as the group is selected, the course will start.
You must have a knowledge base at the Frontend or Backend Web Developer level. If you are going to do this, you will have to take the qualifying test.
The cost of the course depends on the number of points you have earned. The maximum test score allows you to study for free.
The cost of the course
If I want to learn programming from scratch, can I take a Code Boot Camp course?
Yes, you can. Minimally you will learn to develop both Frontend and Backend using JavaScript and PHP. The maximum result after the course will be those participants who already have a theoretical knowledge base and initial programming skills.
Will I have to listen to a lecture on programming theory?
A spherical horse in a vacuum as a subject of study and theory in its pure form does not appear on the course. You are trained in the process of solving specific practical problems that programmers deal with during the implementation of projects for specific foreign companies.

How do I apply for practice?
Leave your details on the site by filling out the registration form and wait for a call from us. We will inform you about the date and time of the selection test. Then come to the office of our company, pass the interview, pass the test and learn its results.
How much is training?
The practice for nine weeks costs 230,000 rubles. Those who pass the best qualifying test, the company will provide the opportunity to practice for free. Each candidate is interviewed individually. According to the results of prospective candidates, we are ready to provide discounts of up to 90% of the cost of training.
Is it possible to combine the course with university or work?
Yes, with the condition that you devote a full day of training and practice to Boot Camp. The rest of the time is at your disposal.
What programming languages will I learn?
At the very least, you will learn the practical skills of Frontend and Backend developers using JavaScript and PHP. Additionally Vue.js, jQuery, React.js, Laravel.
Does AbroadProfe.Code Boot Camp guarantee employment?
We conduct a course to prepare our employees for our company. But the choice is always yours. And you can place the portfolio on any site and look for a job yourself.
What’s the graduation defense gonna give me?
Guarantees employment in our company for those who successfully protect the project. These are skills, skills, opportunities with which you can already find a job in a foreign or Russian company.
How do I take the practice for free?
Register on the site, pass the qualifying test, pass the interview. If your result is the best of all candidates, you will receive special training conditions.
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